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Holistic Center

The YMCA of Greater Erie has led community-based health and well-being programs for more than 150 years.  The triangle in our logo is a symbol of a person’s essential unity-spirit, mind and body.  And it is with a steadfast commitment to our holistic approach that we offer a variety of mind/body programs to give participants the opportunity for self discovery and growth.  Our goal is to help students achieve better physical and emotional health through their practice.

Our class levels vary from beginner to advanced and are led by an experienced instructor who will address the skill level of each student. We offer a safe environment to relax, renew and restore both the body and mind.  We invite you to join our classes and experience an overall transformation. 

We also offer private yoga lessons, nutritional counseling, special class series, monthly educational workshops and community classes and events. Our calendar is always evolving so check back often. Additional events are added to our current events section.

Ongoing Weekly Classes

CHAIR YOGA: A gentle form of yoga in a chair or standing using a chair for balance. Participants will learn breathing and relaxation techniques and the basic alignments of the postures.

CHAIR YOGA DANCE: Easy to follow, Yoga movement patterns will be learned first, thus creating the dance, with a twist of Tai Chi or Qi Gong. Follow the choreographed moves to soothing music and familiar tunes. 

RESTORATIVE YOGA: A practice that helps to reduce the effects of chronic stress. It stimulates and soothes the organs by providing a complete supportive environment for total relaxation. This class utilizes props and has fewer postures which are held longer than a typical class. 

ESSENTIAL YOGA: This accessible class moves at a moderate pace introducing traditional yoga postures that focus on the structural alignment of the physical body. This practice strengthens and releases the body organically, uniting body, mind and spirit for health and well-being.

GENTLE YOGA: Whether you are new to yoga or looking to revitalize your practice, this class provides you with the tools & inspiration you need to make yoga and its benefits a regular part of your life. 

YOGA FOR WELLNESS: This class offers participants a varied Yoga practice focused on building balance, flexibility and strength to promote an overall sense of well-being. Modifications are offered making this practice accessible for beginner to intermediate levels.

FLOW YOGA: A gentle blend of flowing movements choosing from beginner to intermediate asanas that will strengthen the body, soothe the mind and nourish the spirit while creating a deep sense of calm and openness.

PILATES: This mind-body class will focus on strengthening the core by promoting pelvis stability and abdominal control through an inward approach, connection of the breath and purpose of movement.    

QI GONG: The art of Qi Gong consists primarily of the physical movement, meditation, relaxation, mind body integration and breathing exercises.

WEIGHT TO GO: In this class you will learn ways to be mindful to support your journey with weight management.  

MINDFULNESS MEDITATION: Beginners and experienced meditators are welcome. Meditation relaxes the mind and body to restore balance in your life. Come and decrease your stress, anxiety and bring peace into your day.    

Open Community Events

REIKI CLINIC: In this clinic you have the opportunity to experience the holistic Japanese technique of Reiki and its benefits. Some of those benefits include stress release, pain and overall healing of the Mind, Body and Soul. Come and experience a peaceful healing.

LIVING A COURSE IN MIRACLES: Participants will be part of a discussion on what takes to live a life of abundant peace and joy. The teaching of a “Course in Miracles” show us how this is possible. The goal of this class is to use the support of these ancient teaching, meditation and energy healing to speed up the process of spiritual awakening for everyone and fulfilling life it is important to rely upon their infinite power to make decisions. Supporting this process of trust is the purpose of this Group.                                                                                                           

Thank you for your patience as we reintroduce programs and classes as we reopen in phases. Below are programs currently being offered. You may make a reservation for a “space” or a “class” by clicking here. Find virtual health and wellness resources on our website.

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