2020 Highmark QUAD Games - Bike

2020 Highmark QUAD Games - Bike

The Bike Event
Register: http://www.highmarkquad.org/events/registration/

  • Course: participants can ride any 12 mile course they please, including completing 12 miles on a stationary bike.  The Quad Bike course will be marked and participants can ride complete their 12-miles on the original course.  Please note that the course will be open to traffic with no additional traffic control or aid stations.  All riders must follow regular traffic laws.
  • Submitting your Time: Big White Trailer will be setting up an online virtual submission form.  Registered participants will need to submit their time using this form prior to midnight on July 12, 2020.  You must submit a time to be eligible for the championship shirt and event contests or prizes.
  • After-Party: The Crossroads Diner in Edinboro will be donating a free takeout meal – burger and fries – to all registered participants.  A meal voucher will be emailed to each registered participant prior to July 1, 2020.  Please give them a lot of love on all our social media accounts!
  • Contests: Win gift certificates to the Crossroads Diner or the Quad Apparel Store, a Summer Access Pass to Mt. Pleasant, Quad Swag or a free registration for our 2021/2022 Quad Games.
    • Strava Segments – top rider and other random awards to those who post a time on our Strava segments along the course (they will be marked by July 1 or find them on Strava)
    • Photo Contest/Scavenger Hunt – while enjoying this year’s course (at a more casual pace) enjoy the scenery and have some fun!  Take photos or selfies at the following locations and post on Facebook or Instagram.  Be sure to tag the Highmark Quad.
      • The starting line….can you find it?!
      • A picture next to the 2nd largest sycamore tree in PA (hint – at the end of the first Strava segment)
      • Can you find a peacock? Or two? Please be respectful of the owner’s property and take your picture from the road. (hint – red barn)
      • It’s not time to ski yet, but take a selfie in front of the Mt. Pleasant sign! Get really adventurous and hike to the top of Chestnut (ski slope) for a little extra work out!  Tag Mt. Pleasant in the post for a chance to win a Summer Access Pass.
      • Little White Church – Washington Valley Christian Church (hint – it’s a little off the course but visible around mile 5.5).  Can you find it?!
      • The finish line – the most glorious site around!
      • A selfie in front of the Crossroads Diner Sign while you are picking up your FREE burger and fries after your ride. Tag the @crossroadsdiner when you pos this picture on Facebook for a chance to win a gift certificate to their restaurant.
      • Best costume – take your fun to the next level and dress up for your ride.  Take a selfie and share on our Facebook page!
      • Family – Invite your family to join the fun or snap a family selfie (before, during or after the ride)
      • Riding Solo – stay safe and enjoy a solo ride.  Take a selfie of yourself enjoying the ride or click a picture of your beautiful bike.

RULES: This year’s Highmark Quad Bike course will be open to traffic without any additional traffic control.  We ask that you don’t race but enjoy a ride while following all traffic rules.  No aid stations or assistance will be available on the course. Be respectful of neighbors and property along the course.

  • Post selfies to the Highmark Quad Facebook page or tag @highmarkquad to be entered into prize drawings for the scavenger hunt/photo contest.
  • Please be respectful or property along the course.  While taking pictures stay on the side of the road (or in a safe area) while not disrupting the property owners or property; but also be aware of traffic.
  • Be safe and have fun!
  • RaceJoy: We will also be partnering with Big White Trailer to offer RaceJoy (sponsored by UTZ Snacks) for all our registrants – have a virtual cheering section or allow your biggest fans to follow your progress while riding the course.  Please use all safety precautions when using this app.
  • Safety: All Quad courses in 2020 will be open to traffic without any additional traffic control or aid stations.  Please abide by all traffic rules.  Do not race on an open course.  Be sure to carry your cellphone with you, in case of an emergency. Be sure to take any additional equipment with you – water, sunscreen, etc.


Camp Sherwin, County, Downtown, Eastside Family Y, Glenwood Park, Metro
7/1/20 - 7/12/20

Available Sessions

Start Date End Date
7/1/20 7/12/20 Registration